Brands to Believe In

Stay true to message with design that doesn’t get tired. Have a rockin’ marketing strategy, but better yet, have a rockin’ product/service to back it up. This is the stuff dream brands are made of.

Let’s talk about Method:

Method’s suite of cleaning products stand out in the cluttered aisle in Target. Is it because even though I am an actual member of the marketing industry, I’m still a sucker for beautiful packaging design? Is it because their environmental message is not only timely and relevant, but also convincing? Or is it the sweet combination?


If you’re anything like me, the act of saving the environment is something to which I’d like to contribute, but mixing vinegar and water and calling my counter clean somehow doesn’t feel quite right.

“Method isn’t only about cleaning up your home or your body; it’s about cleaning up the way we clean.” Right on. The company simply states that individuals can eliminate toxic chemicals from their cleaning routine and still feel good about the level of cleanliness they are achieving naturally. They’ve got a great message, and they have revolutionized a market that seemed static.

But what makes this brand one to believe in is the cohesive and beautiful way the message is integrated into the design. For me, that is what makes a brand so powerful: one solid front, across all media, in all visual instances. From the logo to the website, to the packaging design and storefront displays, Method doesn’t ignore what it stands for when it comes to design. Having a minimalist (clean!) aesthetic works perfectly with its message of reducing waste and unnecessary toxins.

The above was best illustrated for me in the purchase of the Method Mop–my moment of conversion. Packaged in a bamboo carton and wrapped with a satin finished band of recycled paper, garnished with the clean and sophisticated Method look and feel, this mop has replaced my wet Swiffers with a reusable microfiber cloth and delicious smelling citrus floor soap. I approached this product because of its appearance. I purchased it because of its pitch. I’ll buy more Method because this brand delivers. The design, message, efficacy trifecta won this consumer over.

Quick shout-out to Mr. Joshua Handy, credited on Method’s site for the “form meets function” packaging design. I’d also like to acknowledge the in-house design group I’m sure must exist, as well as any other designers who worked on the launching of this brand.

One Reply to “Brands to Believe In”

  1. Purple I love it! Now I really want to try the Method cleaning products, although I must admit I’m a bit of a budget old school vinegar and water kind of girl :o)

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