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Throughout my career, I have helped build brands as a designer for both an agency and in-house marketing departments. Most recently, I have been working as a Brand Specialist serving the employees and members of a financial institution. I’m focused on growing the company’s membership and collaborating with our HR team to sustain our internal culture. This includes crafting internal communications, curriculum and leading in-person presentations as well as designing large-format marketing advertisements, small-scale infographics and nearly everything in between.

It was a huge accomplishment to lead our brand articulation work in 2015 as the organization sought to better articulate the credit union’s differentiators. My leadership and communication skills shined as I managed the project stakeholders, while my design knowledge allowed thoughtful art direction of a new “look and feel.” (I also built a budget and coordinated the launch event and campaigns, which included writing the CEO’s address to 350 employees and building her slides in…PowerPoint. While I prefer to work in vector, I was happy to do it!)

Since then, I’ve been designing with an audience-first mindset. In trying to understand what the audience is thinking, feeling, saying and doing, I create impactful pieces that resonate.

I believe that enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm and I thrive in an environment where I can continue to hone my skill set, while also mentoring teammates.

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